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Communication Platforms are your Online Community with like minded people across the entire Country.  You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with, so we encourage you to spend some time engaged in the Communication Platforms!


Impact Legacy: Stay connected to the entire Harris Organization across the country. 

Team Specific Client/Preferred Member Thread: An online community for your future Clients & Preferred Members.  Text your Coach to get connected with your team's thread. 

Team Specific Distributor Thread: A Communication Platform geared specifically for Distributors.  It's your Online Community where you can ask questions, learn from others and be engaged. Text your Coach to get connected with your team's thread. 

ACTION STEP: message your coach to request access to IMPACT LEGACY & other team threads.


WEEKLY: Team Calls 

ACTION STEP: Text your Coach to receive the zoom day & time for your team specific call

MONTHLY – Impact Legacy Recognition Call

Time: 8:00 pm cst/ 9pm est

ZOOM ID: 280-092-6435


password: impact


Herbalife Corporate: Herbalife's Distributor Support Phone Number is 866-866-4744 and you can Text "CONNECT" to 472587 in order to receive text message updates directly from Herbalife 



One of the smartest things you can do to build your business is to get clear on the importance of the Herbalife Nutrition events that happen monthly.  There is a predictable cycle each year that you will need to schedule around.

​We have possibly the most flexible business on the planet, but the events are locked in stone date-wise, so please do your best to plan around those days.  Get with your Coach to be sure on how to secure your tickets and accommodations.  Most events are local but some require travel. 

There is NOTHING that can take the place of the Herbalife events.  Every single truly successful Distributor in our incredible company leverages these events.  There is not a single exception!  

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