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Welcome to the Team!

It's extremely important to us that you have the guidance and tools available in order to be successful with your New Business.  That's what this website is for.  Each step is a mapped out guide to help you get your business off to a fast start.  It is important that you follow these steps in order.  Your Coach will be going through these 10 Steps with you.  The 10 Steps are a valuable resource for when you have questions or feel "stuck".   

Congratulations on your new adventure! 

Before you meet with your coach 1 ON 1

Ensure that your Distributor Registration is complete and that you have completed Herbalife's Online Required Distributor Training. (click) Menu, (the click) Learning Center, (then) Start Learning, (and then) Required Distributor Training  

This is IMPORTANT.  When you meet with your Coach, you will be discussing your Personal Nutrition Plan and ensuring that you have the products at home that you need in order to get your amazing result.  Your product result is CRUCIAL to the success of your business.  You cannot place a product order of any kind (personal or for a customer) without completing this step.  

If you are in need of more guidance on this step, please reach out to your Coach.  

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