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Use this helpful Memory Jogger to come up with your list of names!

Your contact list is the most vital tool you can use to build your business.  The list is the fuel for your business.  Do you want to start this journey with an empty tank or a full tank?

When you have a lot of people to talk to about your business, you will have more confidence.  You gain control over your business and your future.  The sky is the limit, in your first 1-2 months in the business you can achieve the 50% profit!  Start with 100, but no need to stop there!  Create a list of 500-1,000 names!  Knowing that your success doesn't rest with just one, two, or a dozen people gives you an incredible edge. 

Remember, this is not a list of "people you think would want to be customers", but rather a list of "people who have a pulse!"  As you are building your list, there's no need to pre-judge and decide for others who will be interested.  You are offering an incredible gift when you offer Herbalife to others and something that is in their best interest.  GET EXCITED!!  You're about to change your life and the lives of people you care about.  

Send your coach a picture of your list & move onto the next step

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